Churches Krakow (overview)

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Poland is a Catholic country. The Church is still important for many Poles today. Many more people are still strongly connected to the faith and the church. The churches are still well attended during church services.

n Krakow there are several large and well-known churches. Below is an overview for tourists of the most important places of worship in the southern Polish metropolis.

St. Mary’s Church Krakow: The basilica in the Old Town is famous for several reasons and is a great sight. It stands directly on the main square, the center of the city.

World famous is the high altar by Veit Stoß from the 15th century. Very striking are the two towers of different heights of the most important church in Krakow. Also the trumpeter, who plays a song every hour on top of the tower, is a highlight for tourists.

2nd church in Wawel Castle: A national shrine in Poland. Wawel Cathedral was the church of kings during the many centuries that Krakow was the capital of Poland.

cathedral castle wawel krakow

In the church and in the basement (crypts) are buried the majority of kings of Poland, Famous is also the Sigismund bell. It is the most famous bell in Poland and until a few years ago was the largest bell in the country. Both the royal tombs and the bell can be visited.

3rd Church of St. Peter and Paul: This Jesuit church is in the southern Old Town between the center and Wawel Castle.

church in krakow

Peter and Paul Church is beautiful in the style of the Baroque. The facade and the large dome are worth seeing.

4th Franciscan Church Krakow: Beautiful church with associated monastery also directly in the old town of Krakow not far from the center. Worth seeing is among other things the cloister with pictures of all bishops of Krakow.

The monastery church in Gothic style has been a basilica since 1920. Very famous is also the colorfully painted window above the entrance “God the Father, become”. Old church in Gothic style.

These are probably the 4 most important churches in Krakow. They are not 500 meters from each other and in the Old Town. Some churches in Krakow charge admission, but under 5 euros.