Top 10 Sights Krakow

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List of the top 10 sights of Krakow with short description.

Krakow is the most visited city in Poland. Many tourists come for the great Old Town. However, there are also important attractions outside the Old Town and in the surroundings of the second largest city in Poland. Below are the top 10 attractions in and around Krakow:

1. Krakow Main Market: a great square with many old buildings in different styles. Highlights include St. Mary’s Church (see below) and the Clay Halls. The Main Market, also known simply as Market Square, Market or Main Square of Krakow, is the largest city square in Europe (about 200 x 200 meters). Number 1 among the top 10 sights of Krakow.

Krakow center with carriages

2, St. Mary’s Church Krakow: One of the most famous churches in Poland and the city’s landmark. world famous are the two towers of different heights and the high altar inside the church. Also the trumpeter, who plays every full hour on the tower of St. Mary’s Church, is a well-known attraction for visitors to Krakow.

3. Wawel Castle: A few minutes walk south of the city center is the great castle of the city of Krakow. The city castle of Krakow is one of the very big attractions in Krakow. Also called the Krakow Castle or the Krakow Royal Castle.

4. Oskar Schindler Museum: The most popular museum in Krakow. The theme is the Oskar Schindler factory and the Nazi period in Poland. Here the entrepreneur saved many Jews from concentration camps and death during the Nazi period. Known from the Spielberg film Schindler’s List.

5. Cloth halls Krakow: The beautiful halls from the Renaissance period are among the most famous buildings in Europe from the Renaissance era. Located right in the middle of Krakow’s large market square.

6. Casimir: The former Jewish quarter south of the old town of Krakow with several synagogues is also a great sight. Today there are many good restaurants here and also bars for later in the evening.

7. Tour Auschwitz Concentration Camp: A sad sight about an hour’s drive from Krakow. Exhibits worth seeing, much has been preserved.

8. Salt mine Wieliczka: Very many tourists in Krakow visit the former salt mine Wieliczka, a good 10 km south of the center of the city. You can go down more than 60 meters on a staircase and see a lot. Rightly a top 10 sight.

9. Zoo Krakow: A nice, medium-sized zoo, which does not cost as much admission as similar zoos in Germany. Especially with children a great change.

10. Rynek Underground: A great, ultra-modern museum right under the main market in the center. A new attraction. Main theme of the museum is the great marketplace in the Middle Ages. Rynek (Polish) means market.

So 8 of the top 10 sights are in the city, 2 outside (Auschwitz and the Salt Mine).

In Krakow’s central market square are St. Mary’s Church, the Cloth Halls Krakow and the Pynek Underground Museum.

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