Jewish Quarter Krakow Kazimierz

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Kazimierz (in German also Kasimir) is the former Jewish district of Krakow in Poland. For many centuries Jews lived here until the Nazi era. Today Kazimierz is one of the great sights in Krakow. In addition to several synagogues, today there are also many restaurants, cafes and nightlife. Kazimierz is directly southeast of the central Old Town. You can walk to Kazimierz in a good 15 minutes from the city center main market Krakow.

kazimierz - city district of krakow

One of the highlights in Kazimierz are the old synagogues.

In the Old Synagogue (picture below) is a museum. The entrance fee to the Old Synagogue is low (under 5 euros). The exhibition in the 15th century house of worship is about the former Jewish life in Krakow.

old synagogue krakow

In the Remuh synagogue, especially the paintings on the ceiling are a sight to see. Jewish services are still held here today. Great building in the style of the Renaissance. The cemetery is also worth a visit.

The Popper Synagogue is also worth seeing because of its interior. It is also called Small Synagogue. Like all synagogues, much of it was destroyed by the Nazis. But still worth seeing,

In addition, in the Kazimierz district of Krakow, there are the Izaak Synagogue, the High Synagogue, the Temple Synagogue and some more. During the Nazi period, many of the synagogues in Krakow were destroyed. Some were used as warehouses and many valuable things were taken away or broken. However, the buildings were mostly preserved. After 1945 much, but by far not everything, was renovated and rebuilt.

You should also visit the Jewish Museum of Galicia in Kazimierz. It is about Jewish culture, the Holocaust and the life of Jews today. Well done museum, entrance fee only about 4 euros (picture below).

jewish museum krakow view

There are many restaurants in Kazimierz (Casimir). Some have Jewish cuisine. Very interesting (kosher). The prices are not too high. In addition, there are pubs and bars in Kazimierz. Many seem modern and alternative.

Especially popular among tourists is an outdoor area with street food (food trucks), picture below. There are the famous Krakow zapiekanki (warm, sandwiched baguettes), pierogi (Polish ravioli with various fillings), Belgian fries, burgers and more. Great meeting place in summer and a good place in Krakow to meet locals and other tourists.

street food krakow