Krakow food

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Food in Poland is similar to German cuisine. However, there are also typical Polish dishes. Below we will present some typical Polish dishes, which are also available in many restaurants in Krakow.

Krakow is a cosmopolitan city. There are of course many restaurants with foreign cuisine. In Krakow there are especially many Italian restaurants, from simple pizzerias to noble restaurants. Italy and Poland are connected by an old friendship, which is especially alive in Krakow. You can also find many other things: Restaurants with Asian cuisine, Mexican, Spanish and much more. More and more there is also fast food. Mc Donalds, KFC (very common in Poland) and many kebab stores.

Restaurants are cheaper in Poland than in Germany. This is especially true for simple restaurants with local, Polish cuisine. Almost all of the following dishes can be tried, for example, in the restaurant Bar Smak (Karmelicka 10, very central). A simple restaurant with typical dishes from Poland and Krakow.

Golonka: A heavy meat dish similar to knuckle of pork or pork knuckle. Very popular all over Poland.

Flaki: Tripe in a soup. Some hate flaki, some love it (picture).

flaki tripe in poland

Pierogi: One of the most ordered dishes in Poland, inexpensive. About like ravioli, but with all imaginable fillings: Minced meat, sauerkraut, mushrooms, cheese. Even pierogi with fruits like strawberries or blueberries are often popular. (Image)-

pierogi on plate

Potato pancakes: Extremely popular and widespread. Comes with applesauce, mushrooms and much more. (Image)

potato pancakes poland krakow on plate

Bigos: Perhaps the most famous Polish dish. Sauerkraut (mild) with sausage and meat, Must try in Krakow.

Zapiekanki: Long baguettes, topped and toasted. These are available as fast food and street food. Typical for Krakow, can be found especially in Krakow. Delicious (picture).

zapiekanka - delicious bread in poland

Pancakes: Widely served, including in restaurants in Krakow and throughout Poland. Often in Krakow with apple or the typical soft, sweet cheese from the region. Also with meat and other fillings.

Meat dishes: Schnitzel, roast pork, goulash and more can be found almost everywhere in restaurants with cuisine from Poland in Krakow.

Side dishes: Potatoes are number 1, as chips, boiled potatoes, fried potatoes, mashed potatoes and so on. Similar to Germany. There is also rice, pasta….

Soups: As in Germany, the most popular appetizer in Krakow. Vegetable soup, tomato soup, sauerkraut soup, potato soup, cucumber soup, leek soup….  Bean soup with meat (white beans) is delicious.

Enjoy your meal in Krakow!