City tours and sightseeing tours Krakow

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As in any city with a lot of tourism, Krakow has many offers for guided tours or walking tours and sightseeing tours. The central Old Town of Krakow can be easily explored on foot with a guide. The other major sight, the Wawel Castle, can be reached on foot in about 15 minutes from the Main Market Square in the Old Town.  However, if you also want to visit Krakow’s Jewish quarter Kazimierz as part of a city tour, you should choose a city tour of Krakow with a vehicle and a guide. Among other things, there are city tours by bicycle, electric car, bus and Segway.

krakow city center

The central square of Krakow (Main Market), the largest city square in Europe.

City walks and tours of Krakow should be booked online in advance. There are many offers in English and Polish, some also in German. The ideal website for booking is the well-known German website Getyourguide: Click Here

Classic walking city tour

Still popular are city tours on foot through the Old Town. Especially at the beginning of a trip to Krakow such tours are interesting. You get a first overview of the Old Town and the history of the most beautiful city in Poland.  Our recommendation for a city tour on foot: Click here

City tours Krakow by e-car

Especially popular in Krakow are tours by small e-cars (buggy, ift similar to golf carts), you can see the fancy vehicles in many places in the city. As part of an electric car city tour, you can also see the Wawel Castle and the Kazimierz Jewish Quarter. Some such city tours, like our recommendation below, also include the famous factory of Oskar Schindler (movie Schindler’s List):
Click Here

during city tour_in krakowThe Royal Castle Wawel in the middle of Krakow, the most famous castle in Poland

City tours by bike

Of course, on bicycle tours of Krakow, the bicycles with equipment are provided by the organizer. By bike, of course, you can see more in a few hours than on foot. The following nice bike tour with a guide in Krakow is our recommendation: Click here

Segway tours through Krakow

Segway tours through Krakow have been extremely popular for years. We have written a separate article about it. There are such city tours both through the Old Town and through the Jewish quarter Kazimierz: Link to various offers Segway city tours

Special tours Krakow

Guided tour of the factory of Oskar Schindler (famous from the Spielberg movie Schindler’s List). Very cheap: Click here

Krakow pub crawl with one hour unlimited drinks. Also great for meeting people in Krakow in the evening: Click here.

Guided tour of Wawel Castle. The most important castle in Poland, most Polish kings are buried in the city castle: Click here

Creepy tour Krakow: In the evening with topics like creepy legends, mass murderers, scary stories etc. Very popular and great city tour: Click here

Kazimierz Jewish Quarter: Tour of the former Jewish part of Krakow, popular among tourists: Click here.