Underground Museum Krakow – Rynek Museum (Market Square Museum)

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Right in the center of Krakow there is a new, modern museum since 2010. The Rynek Museum (Market Museum) has as its theme the marketplace of Krakow (Main Market) in the late Middle Ages. To this day, the Main Market is the largest square in an old city in all of Europe. It is the center of the city and tourists in the most visited city in all of Poland. The Underground Museum (Underground Museum) is located under the central cloth halls on the main square of the city).

rynek krakow - museum underground

It is an ultra-modern, large and great museum. The Market Square Museum is an exhibition about the market square of Krakow in the late Middle Ages. Covering an area of over 6,000 square meters, it depicts life, work and activity in the largest marketplace in Europe some 600 years ago. The modern museum under the main market square uses a variety of modern techniques. These include holographic display techniques, touch screens and much more. For example, you can see medieval workshops of craftsmen, stores, streets, sewage systems and so on. There is also a cinema and a playroom for children. Interesting is also the large 3D model is the entire Old Town of Krakow in the Middle Ages. The numerous small and large original objects from the Middle Ages are also interesting.

In our opinion, the Rynek Museum is very well done. In the Underground Museum Krakow you partly have the feeling to really be in a marketplace in the Middle Ages. The modern museum technology in the Market Museum is great.

Entrance Rynek Market Museum Krakow: The entrance is right on the outside of the famous Cloth Halls in the middle of Krakow’s main market, the largest square in Europe. The entrance is roughly across from St. Mary’s Church. Tickets are available at a ticket store about 100 meters away. Sometimes long lines, we recommend buying tickets for the Krakow Market Museum online.

Entrance fees Underground Museum Krakow: Very cheap for a museum of this size and class. Only about 26 zloty (circa 5,5 euro in autumn 2022) for adults.

Opening hours Underground Museum Krakow: Friday. Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Shorter hours on Tuesday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. only. Beware, the Rynek Museum has one day off per month, closed all day on the second Monday of each month.

Names Rynek Museum: Rynek is the Polish word for market. Besides Rynek Museum you can also hear Market Museum Krakow, Main Market Museum, Market Square Museum, Underground Museum Krakow, Underground Museum Krakow and some more. What is meant is always the same museum.

Our conclusion: Grandiose museum, very modern. The visit is worthwhile, not only because of the low entrance fees. The Rynek Museum under the main square of Krakow is recommended.